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Welcome to KONSTRUCT, where we are dedicated to fostering an incident free safety culture, considering safety a fundamental core value. Despite maintaining an outstanding safety record, our commitment to continuous improvement remains unwavering. We achieve this by immediately immersing new hires in our safety culture and enhancing the knowledge of existing employees through regular training sessions.

At KONSTRUCT, we prioritize a safety-first mindset, and employees who do not fully embrace this culture may be asked to leave the team. Leveraging the wealth of experience from individuals with many years in the field, we encourage mentorship to further enhance the safety awareness and practices of our team members.

Our overarching goal is to perpetuate a positive and influential safety culture at work and in our employees’ personal life. Join us in ensuring a secure and thriving work environment for all.



We have a mission to make things happen the right way by focusing on safety, quality and productivity.

In our Safety Culture: 

  • All meetings start with a discussion of a safety topic
  • All Jobs are preplanned to a high level of detail.  Pre-task planning is practiced for all new tasks.
  • Everyone has the right to stop a job.
  • Everyone who tolerates risky behavior must change or leave, no matter what their seniority or position.
  • You must give feedback, even if it means having a difficult conversation.
  • You maintain the ratio-4:1 positive feedback to encourage improvement. 
  • Tracking and awarding employees for strong safety performance, sharing best practices and lessons learned, and utilizing behavior-based safety evaluations. ​ ​

The success of these items can be measured in many ways, but the KONSTRUCT team feels a great sense of achievement when our employees share stories of bringing Safety 24/7 principles home to their families.  The human element is the essential part of Safety 24/7 that allows it to grow.  We truly care for the wellbeing of their employees and the culture will continue to improve all aspects of our business.

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