Expansion joint seal


Expansion Joint Repair

At KONSTRUCT we provide a full service approach to the repair and replacement of deteriorated expansion joints in existing concrete construction including:

  •  Buildings –  Sewage and water treatment facilities
  •  Parking structures –  Plazas
  •   Concrete roof decks –  Bridges
  •   Stadiums –  Cooling towers​​



Building on more than 20 years of construction experience, our staff leads the way in the latest concrete and steel construction technology.

We work with architects, engineers  and owners to assure that the proper replacement system is specified and installed based original design and as built movement conditions. Additionally, the joints are evaluated based on the existing use, either to be resistant to vehicular traffic, durable to pedestrian traffic.

Each expansion joint system is specifically selected for the particular application as the movement capabilities and requirements vary. 

Expansion Joint Options include:

  •      Joint Sealant Application
  •      Sheet & Fluid Applied Membrane Systems
  •      Prefabricated (WABO Type) Joint Systems

Design Considerations include:

  • Watertight / Water pressure
  • Size of movement
  • Hardness variances
  • Chemical resistance
  • Multiple tensile strength requirement

KONSTRUCT has the experience to install both horizontal and vertical expansion joint systems in all applications listed above. Emergency, Fast-track and/or Turnaround service is available.

Joint repair project n3


Joint repair project before
Joint repair project surface preparation
Joint repair project surface preparation
Joint repair project n3
Joint repair project
Joint repair project n6

Konstruct has the experience, equipment, and manpower to handle your specialty structural services needs. Add us to your project team and find out why we are the go-to, not an us, too.